Five Ways to Create the Perfect Living Room


Your home should be a sweet haven right? Well not so much, if you only view it as pad, with no warmth to entice you into going back at the end of a stressful day. It requires less effort to create the perfect living room with little touches of color, art, and space. A beautiful interior is not rocket science and does not require extravagant expenditure to decorate and design.


The living room brings out your taste and character at a glance and so having a modern or traditional design, a crowded, subtle or mixed combination almost depict your personality. Small or large living rooms can never go wrong with furniture for visual weight, and you can pick from a variety of Windsor chairs for sale that suits your preference.

Here are some fascinating ways to make your living room pop:

Choose Appropriate Furniture

If you have a small space, then you need furniture that doesn’t overpower the room, constrict the area and obstruct the room. Furniture that does not take up much space like armless seats or glass coffee tables, create the illusion of ample space. Large spaces, on the other hand, will require furniture that is heavyweight in appearance like wooden coffee tables that take up too much space to fill the space but at the same time add softness.

Balance the Mood with Color

Colors play a major role in setting the mood for your guests. Choose a color that resonates well with your personality and one that will energize or relax the space. White gives a cool, peaceful and calm feel while a soft purple underfoot rug warms the living room. You can play around with colors and mix them up in a fun and chic way to bring contrast and pomp into your living room.

Incorporate Architectural Trimwork

Trim work portrays the aesthetic beauty of your space and helps to give your home a distinctive outlook, whether, contemporary, regional or classical. Trimwork works best with wood and plaster to retain the authenticity of historic homes. This architectural design provides passageways, walls, and stairways that enhance character and beauty of homes making the living room warm and inviting.

Use Inviting Lighting

It is essential to have proper lighting to create an atmosphere of warmth, enhance the mood and illuminate the living space. Natural light is a plus because it creates a perfect ambiance and connects the living room to nature giving a feel of divine lighting. Energy bulbs warm up the space, and use of chandeliers provide excellent illumination that creates perceived aesthetic appeal.

Accessorize with Art

Living rooms come to life with a collection of different pieces of art that elevate the room and communicate elegance. Wall hangings that are well-placed draw attention to the space without competing for attention with other items at the focal point like television. Beautiful and stunning art pieces give the illusion of a perfect living room making it an exotic, comfortable and inviting place to enjoy with friends and family.

 Final Giveaway

Your idea of a perfect living room will depend on your personality because how you decide to design the space will tell a story. Let the design of your home be an inspiration and definition of love, comfort and all beautiful expressions the living room can curate on your behalf.







Spring Cleaning: Tips for Helping Your Floors Look Their Best


While we often associate spring cleaning with clearing unwanted items out of the closet or reorganizing the garage, these are far from the only tasks you should prioritize before summer hits. After all, spring cleaning requires that you do some actual cleaning — and few areas should take higher priority than your floors. While hiring efficient carpet cleaning services for spring cleaning is a great start, it is important to remember that each type of flooring has different cleaning needs. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your cleaning efforts go smoothly.



Regularly cleaning your carpet is a must if you want it to stand the test of time. In fact, proper cleaning could double the lifespan of your carpeting. As such, hiring a professional to help with your spring carpet cleaning is essential for giving it the care it deserves.


Before the carpet cleaners arrive, however, you still need to do your part. Slowly vacuuming over your carpet will allow you to clear out a lot of dirt. Be sure not to set your vacuum too low, as this could actually damage the carpet. However, some carpet cleaners will also vacuum for you.


While you can DIY a carpet deep cleaning, letting a pro handle the work will give you more time for other spring cleaning tasks. Professional carpet cleaners will move your furniture, remove routine spots, precondition and deodorize your carpet before applying a high-pressure rinse. This intensive cleaning removes grease residue, allergens, and dust in a way that vacuuming alone could never accomplish.


To prevent excessive dirt buildup and keep your carpets in great shape, you should vacuum on your own every week, and schedule a deep cleaning at least once a year.


Wood & Tile Floors

As with carpet cleaning, cleaning wood or tile floors should start by vacuuming or dry-mopping the floor to remove dirt and debris. You should also move furniture out of the way to ensure you can thoroughly clean the area.


With wood floors, your next step is to apply a specialized floor cleaner to the surface. Most hardwood floors will actually be damaged if you use water, so damp mopping is only recommended for polyurethane floors. Be sure to mop with the grain of the wood, and wipe the surface dry when you’re done. Consistent cleaning will help you avoid the need for refinishing your wood floors. Most cleaning professionals recommend sweeping your wood floors weekly, while providing these more thorough cleaning at least four times per year.


When it comes to cleaning tile flooring, the grout should actually get most of the attention. This area is more absorbent than the tiles themselves, making it far more likely to look stained or dim. For best results, you don’t even need a commercial cleaner. Instead, create a baking soda and water paste and rub it into the grout. Allow the paste to sit overnight before scrubbing the area the next morning. For general tiles cleaning, an all-purpose cleaner will generally suffice. Tile doesn’t need to be cleaned as frequently as other materials, but addressing spills quickly and regularly sweeping or vacuuming will keep them looking their best.


Make a Difference This Spring!

Giving your floors a lot of attention during your spring cleaning doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook for the rest of the year. After all, your dog could track dirt into the house or your kids might spill their juice on the floor. But as you give your flooring the attention and care it deserves now, it will be better equipped to stand up to these future problems. Better yet, you’ll know how to effectively handle these issues when they arise, ensuring that your house is always clean and beautiful.

Tips to Get the Most out of the Space in Your Wardrobe


I never have enough space in my wardrobe! It is a common complaint, but it does not have to be this way… here are some ideas to get the most out of the space you have no matter how big your wardrobe is.


While most of us would die to have our very own bespoke wardrobes in our home, it might not be possible at the moment. But there are intelligent ways to get the most space out of your wardrobe, although it might not be very large, these tips will allow you to have significantly better use of the space it has. The trick is how to organise clothes and other objects and accessories you have in it.



No doubt about it, you must plan your wardrobe. Think about how you want clothing to be organised and know some basic ideas to take advantage of the space. Prioritise, put at hand what you use the most and use elegant and comfortable boxes to store clothes or accessories that you are not going to use frequently.



Another of the tips to get the most out of the space in your wardrobe is to keep in mind that you must recycle. Why keep all the clothes you have, although you do not use them all. You might say, “just in case I need it one day”, but we all know that never usually happens. We just tend to hoard! Give what you do not usually wear to friends or takes clothes to charities or organisations which take donations of clothes for people in need.



Store clothes in groups: shoes with shoes, t-shirts with shirts, jeans stacked, etc. Ordering a wardrobe is like playing Tetris, everything must fit to take advantage of every inch.


What occupies most space?

Why do you keep bedding, blankets, quilts, etc. inside your wardrobe? These items occupy an awful lot of space. You can use boxes, take them to a storage room, put them under the bed or opt for large decorative boxes in some corner of the room that will serve as improvised trunks – and much cheaper.


Gathering boxes

Of course, you must use boxes to organise everything inside the wardrobe. Get more out of the space of your wardrobe by gathering clothes into boxes that are easy to open. This is an easy and practical solution.


Take advantage of other furniture

If you are someone who even has shoes inside your wardrobe, take advantage of other corners in your room to gain square centimetres in your wardrobe. Use a hanging shoe rack, under-bed storage, or other similar nooks and crannies for items not often worn or used.


More hangers?

Not every garment has to go on a hanger. The best solution is to take advantage of each hanger and put together on each of them up to two or three shirts and pants. Yes, surely not everything is ironed; and doubling up items on hangers will allow you to take advantage of the space in your wardrobe.


Use the doors

For ties, handkerchiefs, and belts it is very useful to place hangers or hooks on the insides of the doors; they help keep everything in its place and are also very convenient for daily use.


6 Easy Tips for DIY Remodeling on a Budget


If you want to remodel a certain part of your home, but you are on a tight budget, it’s important that you know how to complete the project you have in mind without spending a fortune. Whether you want to freshen up the look of your kitchen or turn your basement into a livable space, it will be necessary to keep these tips in mind. The more useful remodeling tips you have, the easier of a time you will have staying within your budget.


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1.      Think Smaller

One good way to save money on your next home remodeling project is to make some smaller changes to your home over time. Try just replacing the cabinets in your kitchen or maybe putting a new bedspread down on your bed. You might just be surprised at how much of a difference these small changes can make.

2.      It’s All About Efficiency

When you take an efficient perspective to your home remodeling, you will be able to save money while getting exactly what you need. Make sure that you utilize the space in your home intelligently, so you can get the most out of it.

3.      Look for Sales

When you need to buy some supplies for a home remodeling project, you’ll want to spend some time looking for sales so you can save as much money as possible. The internet is a great place to go when you are looking for great deals on materials and supplies for your project. You will find that Trimaco has a lot of useful equipment and supplies that are perfect for a wide range of remodeling projects.

4.      Rent What You Need

Sometimes the best way to save money on the things you need for your project is to rent them. If you don’t think you are going to use certain things very much, you might as well just rent. Also, take the time to see if someone you know can lend you the necessary supplies.

5.      Utilize Government Programs

There are certain government programs that could save you quite a bit of money on what you need for your remodeling project in the form of rebates, so you will need to look into some of them.

6.      Quality over Quantity

When you want to remodel a certain area of your home but don’t have a lot of money, you will need to focus on making quality improvements that make a difference instead of doing a lot of work on things that don’t really matter. A lot of people are surprised by how much of a difference fixing up one or two seemingly small things in their home makes with regards to how everything looks.

If you want to improve the way your home’s interior looks, a good old fashion remodeling project is a good idea. There are many different ways to save money on one of these projects, and a lot of them are very basic yet so effective.


Important Considerations During a Kitchen Renovation

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It is time to give your kitchen and bathroom a facelift. You are excited to get some balls rolling on the different projects that will comprise the overall renovation. Kitchens and bathrooms often present a unique obstacle due to plumbing. In many rooms, you can move furniture and cabinets around without any real concern. This is not the case where sinks, toilets, and showers are concerned.


Kitchens are often the hub of a home. It is no surprise that more money is spent on kitchen renovations than any other home improvement project. It is important to take the time upfront to make a plan. If you plan well, the construction portion will go much smoother and you are more likely to stay within your budget. Experts recommend you spend at least six months designing and organizing and preparing. This time will help you stay firm in your decisions and not try to make last minute changes once construction has started.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare for the big renovation.

  •       Draw it out. It is not uncommon for people to opt for the larger fridge to later find out that it won’t fit through the doorway. Take measurements of everything and draw it out. Writing things down and visualizing where things will go and fit is very beneficial.
  •       Consider functionality. Think about how you use your current kitchen. How do you and your family move about the space? Take these things into consideration when planning your renovation. Kitchens get crowded quickly. An island might give you more counter space but it might make the aisles unreasonably small.
  •       Expect the unexpected. Even proper planning can’t account for all possible speed bumps. Give yourself some space around the remodel. Strict time constraints can up the stress-level of any project.
  •       Make decisions about materials before you get started. You don’t want to have to make countertop or cabinet decisions in the middle of a renovation. Knowing what you want also enable contractors to make more accurate bids. Don’t delay the project with decisions you could have easily made ahead of time.
  •       Seek out advice. Professionals are there for a reason. Designers and contractors can give you tips on what will work and what won’t.


If you can help it, avoid choosing a new layout the requires changing the location of pipes, electrical outlets, and walls. This can really increase the cost of a kitchen remodel. If possible, it is best to keep the original footprint in place. Appliances, walls, and water fixtures should stay in relatively the same location

Plumbing is especially important to work around. It is essentially the central system that you build around. Since the sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator will most likely stay in the same places, you will need to design the rest of your kitchen around these features. This is where proper planning plays a big role. These three key elements affect cabinetry, countertops, and flooring.

If you do decide to make major changes to the setup, you might need to professionals that provide electrical and plumbing repair services. You may also need to get an inspector involved. It most locations inspections are required during extensive renovations to make sure everything stays up to code.

Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting endeavor. You spend months pouring over magazines and catalogs. The importance of planning cannot be overstated. Unless you are expecting to sink a lot of money into removing walls and redoing the plumbing, you might want to keep the general footprint the same. Design around the plumbing in your kitchen to save you money. Make all the decisions you can ahead of time so that once construction starts you are met with as few delays as possible.


Making the Most of Bay Windows

It’s no surprise that bay windows are one of the most common window styles in the UK, with over a million homes being built during the Victorian population boom. This time also saw huge swathes of people moving to London and other major cities, which is where you can see thousands of rows of terraced homes with bay windows. ‘Bays originated far earlier however, with their roots in Gothic times. The National archive demonstrates how cheap homes were built throughout the country to accommodate workers moving to cities for work. This migration really helped to shape the UK’s housing stock and today we still inhabit these homes.

Styles of bay windows

With so many similar homes being built quickly, builders would often leave their stamp on a property with slightly different or unique designs. This carried over to bays, which were designed to let as much light in as possible, whilst also providing extra space for the family living in the house. From simple beginnings the bay window was stretched out into a multitude of shapes and styles. Three panel bays were the most popular, followed by four panels, five and even up to eight! Larger homes of course benefitted from larger bay windows, often with curved or boxed designs.  Even the most humble two up two down dwellings were fitted with cheap quick windows. Read ‘more history here’ if you are interested.

How versatile they can be

One of the best features of bay windows is their versatility. They are ideal for a number of uses, including having fitted seating. Window seats are a lovely way to move off the sofa and into the light for reading, working on an iPad or just having a cup of tea! By fitting window seats you can increase the useable floor area of a room as well as create extra storage space. Many seats are made with hinged storage solutions under the seat itself.
Another great use to maximise your bay is to have a fitted desk installed. With more people working from home these days, space is at a premium. Installing a fitted desk is a great space saving way of creating a bright workable work station. Depending on the size of bays in the property, you may find you can create a duo desk space and cosy up to your partner whilst working through your accounts!
If your bay is large enough you can have a sofa or two easy chairs placed within the bay. This creates an intimate out of the way zone within a lounge or dining room. Why not add a small round table to place books or magazines, creating a relaxed atmosphere for after dinner chill-outs.

How to dress your bay windows

We all know that window coverings come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on how you plan to use your bay will help decide which window coverings to use. Perhaps the perfect coverings are window shutters. We say that because shutters won’t eat into the space or hang down covering this lovely popular widow design. This company has cheap solutions for bay window shutters. An even more budget idea is blinds. Blinds come in various styles and may be ideal for a bay covering. Roller blinds are probably the second most popular choice as they also fit within the recess rather than taking up valuable room. For the traditionalists here, there are of course curtains. If the style of the room suggests opulence and luxury, large velvety curtains could be the way to go! Whichever style of window covering you choose, make sure it emphasises the space and functionality which has been created.

Tips for Bathroom Renovation Without Major Work


Think about all the time you spend in your bathroom, it is normal that at some point you get tired of it and decide it’s time for a change of scenery. But is major work really necessary to renovate your bathroom? In general, construction work at home is often expensive, requires a lot of time, dedication and, above all, patience.

If you are not willing to go through all the hassle of construction work in your home, here are some tips that may be useful to rejuvenate your bathroom without spending a lot of energy or money.

Transform your bathroom flooring

Nothing will change the look and feel of the bathroom more than the flooring. And the good news is that you can easily install water resistant flooring which looks amazing and is totally practical for a room which has a lot of moisture. Many options can even be installed on top of existing flooring, so no major work required. And what’s more, it’s long-lasting, and easy to clean and look after.

Change the lighting in your bathroom

The lighting in our bathroom is a fundamental element that must be prioritised. On many occasions we tend to focus on other elements, such as furniture, which is not so decisive for the aesthetics of our bathroom. If your bathroom is not well lit, it may seem dull and uninspiring.

With convenient lighting we will not only feel more comfortable in our bathroom, but we will be able to create distinct spaces. As an example, task lighting that does not produce reflections or shadows near the mirror, and lighting around the bath that lets us relax.

Choose the ideal auxiliary bathroom furniture

Having good storage in the bathroom with shelves or cabinets will help us give a different air and feel to it, and at the same time organise everything well in the bathroom.

Incorporate decorative linen and textile elements

The linens in the bathroom are at all times in sight, and are decorative elements, as well as being functional. Use towels and carpets to create mood. You can choose them in exactly the same colour range for a monochromatic look, neutral colours for a more complex bathroom or with ethnic prints to give it life and colour.

Choose a new shower curtain

If you do not have a screen and you have a curtain in your shower or bath, have you thought about renewing it? The shower curtain occupies a large part of the space and is very useful. An insipid curtain with stains or mould will not help us to like our bathroom more. There are many inexpensive alternative options that can make a huge change to the way our bathroom looks.

Paint your bathroom

Painting is one of the most affordable ways to give a completely new look to your bathroom, especially if you do it yourself. Before painting the bathroom, make sure that there is no moisture, or if there is, eliminate it with a special product such as an anti-mould / fungicide cleaner one day before painting. For a professional finish fill the fissures and holes with a water-resistant putty. When the surface is dry, sand it so that it is flat, in this way you will have a perfect surface on which to paint.

As far as colour is concerned, soft and neutral tones are usually advised as they give the perception of greater space room to a room that is usually small. But, when it comes to personal tastes, there are no rules, so let your imagination fly!


With these simple tips you will be able to renovate your bathroom quickly, comfortably and economically, without the need for major construction work in your home.

Walk In Showers and the Benefits of Using Them


Walk in showers are unique and their addition to your bathroom would make it look and feel luxurious. This is also the reason why a lot of people have decided to install one in their home. If you are yet to be convinced, here are some more reasons for giving it a try.

They help save space

This might seem ironic considering that a walk-in shower consumes a lot of space. The truth is that they can help create an illusion that the bathroom is really huge. The bulky cubicle is removed, and you won’t need to take into account the space used for shower doors and trays. For narrow rooms with low ceilings, walk in showers are perfect. When planning for the overall layout of the bathroom, consider a walk in shower, as it’s more flexible.

It is easier to use

Compared with traditional enclosures, walk in showers are a lot easier to use. This is due to the absence of the doors. Its step-free design is perfect for people who have mobility issues, children and older people at home. They need not struggle in lifting their leg over a bath or maintaining their balance. The extra space available for showering also allows you to bathe with your kids. This makes things easier and faster.

Maintenance is not an issue

Another reason for using a walk in shower is that maintenance is easy. There is minimal hardware, so you need not spend a lot of time cleaning up. There are no hinges or door handles that need scrubbing. You only have to work on the shower heads and taps. Glass panels are easy to clean. They are usually tempered glass and you can just spray them down. The tiled floor is also easy to clean, just like any other type of flooring you have at home.

They are designed to last for a long time

Some people hesitate before investing in a walk in shower due to the cost. However, when you realise that it will last for a long time, it will seem like the perfect choice. Fewer fittings are involved during the installation. Years of use will also not easily wear out the walk in shower, unlike those that have hinges and door seals. Over time, your walk in shower will still look as good as new.

With these reasons, it is time to consider using a walk in shower. You might not realise how good it is now, but once it is installed and you start using it, you will feel more excited. Showering will become more interesting, fun, and enjoyable for all in the family.








3 Reasons You Need a Furnace Tune-Up


As long as your furnace is working good, you don’t need to worry about it, right? Wrong. You should be getting a tune-up for your furnace at least once a year. Getting routine maintenance done on your furnace will offer you various benefits that will pay off in the long run. It is a solid investment to take the time to get a routine check of your furnace each year. Here’s a look at three of the top reasons why furnace maintenance is well worth it.

A Good Record

When you get routine maintenance done on your furnace, you have a record created of everything that has been done with it and what may have gone wrong with it over time. It allows you to know what may need attention next, so you can better plan for future needs. In addition, the record is great if you go to sell your home. Buyers will like that they aren’t getting an unknown when it comes to the furnace. It is incredibly expensive to replace and repair a faulty furnace, so going into a purchase knowing that is something that won’t need to be worried about is a great selling point.

General Operation

When a furnace breaks down, it usually does so during a high demand time. This means it can take longer to get a service technician from Air Control furnace repair in to make repairs because a lot of other people are trying to schedule repairs, too. If you get a tune up before the season starts, you can catch and fix any issues at that time. Plus, you will be able to avoid a furnace break down when it is cold outside, which will save you a lot of hassle.

In addition to making sure you catch issues early and avoiding a breakdown when the weather turns cold, regular maintenance of your furnace also keeps it clean. During a routine cleaning, the furnace is carefully cleaned of all dust and dirt, which helps it to work more efficiently. It also prevents build-up that can cause excessive wear to parts, reducing the frequency of replacing parts and making repairs.


Perhaps the most beneficial reason to have your furnace maintained on a regular basis is for safety. Issues can be caught before they pose a risk to you and your family. Risk of fire and carbon monoxide leaks can be very serious, and while they are rare, having routine maintenance done will go a long way towards making sure they are things you never have to worry about.

As you can see, scheduling your furnace for a regular tune up is a great idea. It will help you to be more aware of future needs and create a record of everything you have had done. It ensures that your furnace is in good shape and ready to handle all the demands put upon it during the winter season. Finally, it helps you to prevent safety risks and catch issues that could lead to safety problems before these issues ever occur. In the end, you get a furnace that lasts longer and runs better simply by doing some preventative maintenance.

How to choose the best kitchen appliances


Your kitchen might turn out to be really beautiful and functional room when you consider a few important elements. Your kitchen will be fully functional when you have the important appliances in place.

A small kitchen needs to be upgraded in terms of its dimensions if you really wish to incorporate luxury kitchen appliances. Even when you have limited space, you may still have the best kitchen appliances. Prior to buying, you must do a thorough research on your favorite DIY kitchen supplies based on the latest trends and innovations. While selecting the best kitchen appliances, you must check out all of your necessities.

Cost of Appliances

It sounds like a big investment when you’re choosing the right appliances for your kitchen. Depending on your needs, the cost per appliance may vary. The basic types may seem to be more budget-friendly, while the latest models are bigger and more expensive. These models are a symbol of grace and status for the home owners. Installing some of these models might require you to seek professional assistance, while with others you may simply plug-in to use.

Appliances that conserve energy

The latest models come with energy-saving options. You must check out these options irrespective of the kitchen appliances you’re buying. Besides conserving resources, these models will help you save some money. An efficient kitchen may be created with the latest collection of home appliances, be it your favorite dishwashers or refrigerators. Prior to shopping keep an eye on the EPA certified label for energy consumption. This label gives you a clear indication of the amount of energy and resources that’s supposed to be saved while using the product. You may do some research on your favorite products and check out their energy and resource consumption levels.


Much of your kitchen space is occupied by freezers and refrigerators. You may choose to pick a smaller and more compact model if you have a smaller kitchen. Even while you store more food, you may save considerable space with the more popular models that come with widths between 24” and 30”. You must not opt for side-by-side fridges if your primary objective is to save space. You may find a few small refrigerators in the market, which will help you in developing a tech-savvy kitchen very easily.


You may have the option of upgrading your kitchen with a microwave. While some homeowners may find it necessary, others may choose to opt out due to their high space consumption. You may choose to install them within your cabinetry or set them over your countertop. You may need to shed any amount up to $500 for the hi-tech models, but the smaller ones will cost around $60.

Final Words

Your kitchen tends to prove a more convenient and comfortable place when you incorporate the right appliances. Again, you’ll fetch more ROI when it’s time to sell your house if you upgrade your kitchen now with modern appliances. Follow these tips if you’re about to buy a few of them.