Create More Living Space After Your Marriage


You may have recently gotten married. It is a massive step for any relationship. It is an exciting time because sharing space will make you a lot more close as a couple, literally. Usually, when you’re just dating, it is always the best foot forward. Living together and sharing space will really get you to see the genuine personality of an individual.

However, living together does have its pitfalls and challenges. After all, no person is ever perfect, so expect your personality quirks to irritate each other from time to time. You’ll also have to deal with coming from two different homes to place yourself into a smaller shared home. What should you do with the rest of your stuff? Here are some space-saving tips for couples that have just merged into one house.

Put the Bulky Items in Storage

One of the things you may be considering is to buy your dream house in the future. Though you are tempted to donate your big and bulky items to Goodwill, hold off on it for a bit because you should not just discard expensive big-ticket items. Consider putting them in storage Arroyo Grande residents’ trust.

These units come in different sizes to suit your needs. The best part is they are affordable and will not break your wallet. Since your significant other has his own sofa set, giant LCD TV, or dining table, you can place yours in this storage area. You will need all these things again to spruce up a family room or a spare room when you finally move into your new dream home.

Agree About the Amount of Stuff to Own

You could be a super minimalist and your significant other could be a hoarder. If you’re polar opposites, this would create friction. Even without that massive disparity, you and your partner could still end up annoying each other. If you want to have ample space in your home so you can freely move around in a clutter-free environment, you have to talk things over.

Meeting in the middle and compromising about how much stuff you can bring into your new joint abode will help you down the line. You may be overwhelming each other with your massive collections of mementos, books, or clothes. You may even need to talk about how much art you can put on your walls because some people prefer looking at bare white walls. Most of all, make an agreement that you have to respect each others’ things. No one is allowed to purge any stuff without asking first. Having this agreement about your space will make your new life as a couple sharing a home so much easier.

Give Away Duplicates

Hold onto your expensive items, but do give away the cheap duplicates. You don’t need two basic coffee makers, two toasters, or two microwave ovens sharing one kitchen countertop in one tiny house. When you finally live together with your significant other, it makes a lot more sense to give your small duplicate items away.

If you keep them, they’ll just add to the clutter in your home. Remember that a cluttered space is akin to a cluttered mind. Save space by letting go of things that you won’t actually use because your partner already has them. And when you do that, you also save yourself from the potential clutter.

Trim Down Your Belongings

If you need more space, you and your spouse will have to take time out of your busy schedules to pare down your belongings. You must give away clothes or shoes that you no longer wear. A good rule of thumb is anything you have not worn for the past six months needs to go. Chances are you won’t be wearing them anytime soon, anyway.

Anything that isn’t functional must also be discarded. Take time out to inspect your kitchenware and dinnerware, too. If you aren’t using your things, then why bother keeping them? Form attachments with people and not material objects.

Provide Ample Storage Space for Things

An organized house will look so much better and living in it will be so much more pleasant. It is critical to provide a storage area for your things. You can put in shelves, add cubbyholes, or buy under-the-bed storage boxes. If you have a proper place where you can put your things, your space won’t just look neat, but you’ll make your life a lot easier to handle, too.

As you can see, there are many different ways for you and your spouse to come together into your new place without being overwhelmed by your things. As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, so putting in the effort to ensure you have ample space and a clean house goes a long way. The last thing you want is to annoy each other because of your clutter. That’s no way to start a new life together!


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