3 Easy Steps to Become More Eco Conscious

You hear it all the time “go green”, but what are you really supposed to do? When it comes to the planet and the environment, we all know we want to do our part to make a difference, and be more conscious. However, without having the money to drop everything ad buy a hybrid car, or install solar panels on your home, you might be asking yourself “what can I do to be more environmentally conscious – today!” In this article, we’ll take a look at several things you can do quickly, that won’t cost you extra money; and will have a positive effect on the planet by lessening your personal impact. Take a look!

go green

Around the House – step 1

By far, one of the easiest ways to lessen your impact on the Earth, is to start in your home. There are some simple things you can do today that will lessen your impact without costing you a dime. In fact, most of them will actually save you money. These are things like switching to cloth rags and hand towels from paper towels. Re-using plastic bags, and bringing them back to the grocery store to recycle them. Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth, and always check packaging materials to see if they’re recyclable before throwing them in the garbage. It’s easy to figure out how much energy and how many resources you’re wasting when you just take the time to look – and you’re just hanging out around the house anyhow!

The Workplace – step 2

While it can be a little more difficult to focus your energy on environmental impact at work, where you already have so much to worry about – it’s not as hard as you might think. Take everything you saw in the home section, and take it a step further in the office. How long do you have your computer set to before it sleeps? When you leave your desk to go into a meeting, does it sit for 45 minutes before the monitor turns off? Imagine how much power that’s wasting. Make sure to set your computer to sleep at a reasonable amount of time between when you stop touching it, and when you start work again – maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Do you bring individually packaged lunches that require energy to heat and create lots of disposable waste when you’re done? Consider bringing cold food from home, or even if you want hot food – bring it from home in containers that are not disposable. Who do you have printing your business cards? Are they environmentally responsible? Some printers like PrintingforLess.com are 100% wind powered and only use vegetable soy based inks. These kinds of things make a huge difference when it comes to your business’s impact on the environment.

On the Go – Step 3

Aside from work and home, there’s one other place we find ourselves the majority of the time: on the go. As you travel to and from work, to do errands on the weekends, or even on social trips and vacations – are you conscious of the impact your travel is having on the environment? As we mentioned, we understand that everyone can’t run out and buy a hybrid economy car, but there are other things you can do as well. Consider carpooling to save fuel, and money – that’s a no brainer. However, thing about it even further. When you’re traveling by car, or even plane – are you constantly buying “to-go” food that’s packaged In disposable containers? Consider bringing your own food along that’s in reusable containers. Back to driving, even the way you drive can have a greater or worse impact on the environment. Don’t gun your engine and peel out, just to slam on the breaks later. Instead, accelerate slowly, and stop accelerating when you see a stop ahead – just coast until you get there. All of these things will drastically reduce your impact on the environment when you travel.


Well, we’ve covered the 3 easiest categories you can take to lessen your impact on the environment – your home, your work, and your travel. Now it’s time for you to find the options we’ve missed. How many different ways can you find to lessen your impact on the Earth? Let us know

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