3 Signs Home Sellers are Too Emotionally Attached

Selling one’s home is usually pretty emotional, especially if a family has been there for years – decades even – and created tons of memories. Every house comes full of stories about the people who lived there, and these can actually be used to help sell the home on www.remax-ohio.com when the times comes. But there is another kind of seller out there who is a little too attached, and he or she will be absolutely toxic to you, the buyer. They’ll prevaricate, waste time and end up causing you equal grief. Here are three huge red flags.



The Seller is Hyper-sensitive to Changes

You turn to your spouse and suggest off-hand that you would want to paint the white living room walls taupe. The seller overhears and immediately comes over to inform you that you are wrong, insisting that it’s just perfect, because that’s how it’s always been. If a seller just can’t bear to hear of any changes you’d make, then it’s obvious they want to keep it the way it is – that is, with them in it.

The Price is Way Too High

You looked at two other houses in the neighborhood, and while this one is nice, it’s also $40,000 more for reasons you can’t quite fathom. Homeowners who price their houses way too high are either so in love with their property that they think it’s worth every penny of that inflated price, are sub-consciously trying to drive buyers away or, worse, both.

The Seller Cries

It’s an emotional time, everyone involved knows that, but tears during an open house are a good indication that no one is going to see their offer accepted. The onus is on the seller to view their home as a product, but no buyer is going to help that.

If any of these red flags appear you need to be on your guard. Proceed with caution and try not to fall madly in love with the property until you can ascertain that the seller is actually serious.

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