4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Free of Scorpions

As a homeowner, dealing with insect pests is probably a fact of life for you, especially when you live in a hot, dry climate where temperatures rarely fall below freezing. While some pests are harmless and simple to handle, others can be dangerous and more difficult to remove from your property, and few present such problems as scorpions. These arachnids, which can be aggressive and venomous, will move into your home if the conditions are right. However, there are a few strategies you can use to keep them away from your property and family.

1. Keep Your Basement Clean and Dry

Scorpions are attracted to environments that are moist, dark, and have plenty of places to hide. Since they can thrive in such conditions, keeping your basement clean and free of any moisture is an important part of repelling these pests. Avoid storing items in your basement but if you must, use clear plastic tubs with snap-on lids instead of cardboard boxes, which scorpions could invade and nest in. Store items off the floor and seal floor or wall cracks with caulk to make your basement less inviting to a roving scorpion.

2. Have Your Roof Inspected

While you might not think of your roof as a possible source of entry for pests, loose or missing shingles could allow scorpions to venture into your attic. Because this could cause an infestation over time, you should consider having your roof inspected, especially if shingle damage is visible from the ground. Have a qualified roofer go over a roof inspection checklist with you and discuss different options for repairs.

3. Call in a Professional

Because scorpions can be dangerous, especially to young children and small pets, you should consider calling in a professional to ensure you are doing all you can to keep these arachnids away from your property. A qualified extermination company can offer you a variety of solutions and help you keep your home pest free. For example, a pest control company can make your yard less attractive to scorpions by removing their prey, such as small insects. When there is less prey to hunt, scorpions will look elsewhere.

4. Clean up Your Yard

While removing potential prey can keep scorpions at bay, making the outdoor perimeter of your yard a less inviting place can also keep scorpions from setting up their homes there. Most species of scorpions hunt at night and hide from the heat during the day, so anything you store in your yard may be a potential den for them. Piles of lumber, bricks, compost heaps, or trash that has not been raked or bagged after a windstorm can all make fine homes for scorpions, and once they are established and begin to breed, this can result in an infestation.

Keeping your yard clean does not have to be time consuming or costly. Do not allow lumber or masonry to pile up, maintain your compost heap, and keep your backyard garden neat. The fewer places you give scorpions to hide, the greater the chance they will look for a home elsewhere.

Scorpions can be both frightening and dangerous, especially when you encounter them indoors. However, taking steps to ensure that your home is not inviting to these pests is an important step in keeping them away.

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