Four Ways to Terminate Mosquito Infestations

Mosquitoes are an irritating, painful, and dangerous fact of life in most parts of the world. Nobody wants to deal with them, but there are so many of them that eliminating the problem seems almost impossible. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. It does take some effort, but there are a few ways to significantly reduce or even eliminate a problematic mosquito population.

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

Most mosquitoes only live for a few weeks. That means that a population that can’t breed regularly will die out very quickly. The easiest way to make sure that they do not reproduce is to eliminate their preferred breeding areas, which should be the core of any mosquito extermination program.

Mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in pools of stagnant water. Most of the time, that causes them to lay eggs in old flower pots, basins, and even potholes that have filled up with water after it rains. Draining those containers should be your first priority. If you have any birdbaths or other containers that you want to stay full, try to drain and refill them every week or so to get rid of eggs before they can hatch.

Eggs sometimes stick to the sides of these containers after the water is drained, so it’s best to quickly wash them after they finish draining. Mosquito eggs are not always visible to the naked eye, so don’t assume that a container that looks clean is safe.

Bring in Birds

Birds and bats love to eat mosquitoes. In most cases, the bugs only make up a small part of their diets, but introducing a few predators can help to keep the population down. They can’t eliminate a population on their own, but they are a very easy way to prevent it from getting too big. The easiest way to do that is to set up a bird feeder near your home. That will naturally attract birds, who will eat out of the local mosquito population in addition to eating from the feeder.

Growing Plants

If you’re patient, you can grow plants that act as natural mosquito-repellents. For best results, start by eliminating the existing population, then use plants to keep new arrivals away. Lavender and marigolds are easy to grow, and mosquitoes prefer to stay away from them. Catnip is also effective, although it can mean trading in a swarm of mosquitoes for a swarm of stray cats.

Call in Backup

If you want to deal with the pests quickly, the best thing to do is call in help from the professionals, such as the Mosquito Squad of Greater Indianapolis. They can safely apply treatments that aren’t available to the average person, and their methods eliminate mosquitoes much more quickly than the alternatives. They usually use barrier sprays, which keeps the bugs out of sensitive areas. Many can also apply natural control methods and help to find and eliminate small breeding areas that most people would miss.

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