How to Pack for Your Move Like a Pro

It’s easy to see why many people underestimate the process of packing – and packing well. After all, it’s easy to think of the tasks as simple; what’s so hard about putting a couple of things in a box, after all? However, anyone who’s ever had to move from house to house understands that the whole adventure is harder – and more tiring – than originally anticipated. It’s not as simple and straightforward as most would guess. On the other hand, there’s some good news. It’s not as difficult as you may fear, either, for as long as you follow some simple guidelines and do it in an organised way. Wondering what the best methods are? Here’s how to pack for your move like a pro.

Don’t delay

It’s a basic rule: don’t leave it until the last minute, because you might not make it. Often it’s fear of the project itself, often it’s laziness, often it’s not knowing where to start. The fact is that you probably own a lot more than you think, and it’s easy to get delayed because of reminiscing when you find an old album or ancient photos. Start now. Don’t delay.

Follow professional guidelines

Check with the company and see how they like to have the things they must transport packed. They may have special requirements, and these requirements are probably there for good reason. Chances are their guidelines are simple and straightforward, so make sure you stick with the rules and regulations of the removals company.

Decide what to pack first

Not everything will fit into boxes – generally speaking, large things such as furniture can be transported without packing, provided they are properly wrapped. Do an inventory and get an idea of the project first.

Get the right boxes

It’s important to get the right boxes – don’t merely get just any box that comes in handy. Be prepared to spend some money for the right materials.

Other supplies

It’s not just the boxes that are important – you should also be able to purchase other things. Proper tape, good labels, pens, things that will make packing a lot easier. Don’t forget bubble wrap, foam, and other necessities, as removals Gloucester experts like Andrews Removals confirm.

Here’s another hint – and it’s an important one for several reasons. Label your boxes and label them well. Firstly, this will ensure a smooth transportation and will help the movers identify which boxes contain breakable items and which are generally safe. Secondly, it will help you decide which needs to be moved first, and which can wait. And thirdly, it will save you lots of time when it’s time to unpack. Label them professionally – buy stickers and use colour coding. The bigger the label, the better. Happy moving! The adventure has begun!

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