Making the Most of Bay Windows

It’s no surprise that bay windows are one of the most common window styles in the UK, with over a million homes being built during the Victorian population boom. This time also saw huge swathes of people moving to London and other major cities, which is where you can see thousands of rows of terraced homes with bay windows. ‘Bays originated far earlier however, with their roots in Gothic times. The National archive demonstrates how cheap homes were built throughout the country to accommodate workers moving to cities for work. This migration really helped to shape the UK’s housing stock and today we still inhabit these homes.

Styles of bay windows

With so many similar homes being built quickly, builders would often leave their stamp on a property with slightly different or unique designs. This carried over to bays, which were designed to let as much light in as possible, whilst also providing extra space for the family living in the house. From simple beginnings the bay window was stretched out into a multitude of shapes and styles. Three panel bays were the most popular, followed by four panels, five and even up to eight! Larger homes of course benefitted from larger bay windows, often with curved or boxed designs.  Even the most humble two up two down dwellings were fitted with cheap quick windows. Read ‘more history here’ if you are interested.

How versatile they can be

One of the best features of bay windows is their versatility. They are ideal for a number of uses, including having fitted seating. Window seats are a lovely way to move off the sofa and into the light for reading, working on an iPad or just having a cup of tea! By fitting window seats you can increase the useable floor area of a room as well as create extra storage space. Many seats are made with hinged storage solutions under the seat itself.
Another great use to maximise your bay is to have a fitted desk installed. With more people working from home these days, space is at a premium. Installing a fitted desk is a great space saving way of creating a bright workable work station. Depending on the size of bays in the property, you may find you can create a duo desk space and cosy up to your partner whilst working through your accounts!
If your bay is large enough you can have a sofa or two easy chairs placed within the bay. This creates an intimate out of the way zone within a lounge or dining room. Why not add a small round table to place books or magazines, creating a relaxed atmosphere for after dinner chill-outs.

How to dress your bay windows

We all know that window coverings come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on how you plan to use your bay will help decide which window coverings to use. Perhaps the perfect coverings are window shutters. We say that because shutters won’t eat into the space or hang down covering this lovely popular widow design. This company has cheap solutions for bay window shutters. An even more budget idea is blinds. Blinds come in various styles and may be ideal for a bay covering. Roller blinds are probably the second most popular choice as they also fit within the recess rather than taking up valuable room. For the traditionalists here, there are of course curtains. If the style of the room suggests opulence and luxury, large velvety curtains could be the way to go! Whichever style of window covering you choose, make sure it emphasises the space and functionality which has been created.

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