Moving The Mosquitoes Onward

It seems like as soon as the weather turns warm, the mosquitoes know that it’s time to swarm in the yard. Whether you’re trying to get a little lawn work done or simply sit outside to enjoy the sun, the pesky critters take no mercy and bite anything that has skin. Fortunately, there are a few tips to try that can help you keep the bugs away so that you can enjoy the outdoors once again.

Anything that you can put around the outside of the home that is made with citronella will help to keep mosquitoes away more than most other products. You can find candles with citronella as well as tiki torches that make for a beautiful decoration around a deck.

Water Woes
Mosquitoes enjoy water in the spring and summer just as much as you do, so it’s best to eliminate standing water around the property as much as you can. The insects like using standing water as a nursery when they lay their offspring. To prevent them from having a place to lay their babies, go around the home to remove old tires, containers and other items that hold excess water. This will eliminate the spaces where they will be able to reproduce, which means a decrease in the number of mosquitoes that swarm around the yard.

There are traps that you can get that the mosquitoes are attracted to and will then settle inside without being able to get out. Another option is to get a mosquito control misting system that will spray areas of the yard for the insects. Products are safe for the plants in the yard so that you can protect the landscaping while getting rid of mosquitoes and similar insects. You can also use a bug light outside. When the bugs fly into the light, they are zapped. This method kills them instantly. At times, the bug is trapped for about 24 hours before it finally dies, but it won’t be able to fly out of the trap.

Keep up with the landscaping as much as possible. Trim away weeds and bushes that are overgrown as these are areas where mosquitoes like to fly around. They enjoy the shade that is provided by the overgrowth, which is why you need to maintain a clean landscape. This can also help to prevent some of the other small animals that like to seek refuge from the hot sun, such as snakes.

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