Rug Cleaning Solutions: How to Clean a Rug Without Using a Vacuum

How To Keep A Rug Clean Without Using A Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is the most popular tool for cleaning rugs and carpets throughout the world. However, it is not ideal in some situations.


Perhaps you have a sleeping baby you don’t want to disturb. Perhaps your vacuum is broken and you don’t have the money to buy a new one.


Perhaps you have sensitive carpets that can be easily damaged by vacuums with too much suction power.


It is always good to know what the alternatives are to vacuuming so that you can prepare accordingly.


Below you will find seven of the top ways to keep your rugs clean without vacuuming.


  1. Carpet Sweeper


A carpet sweeper is a brush that’s specially designed for sweeping carpets without pulling out too many hair fibres or causing the bobbling effect typically made by harder brushes.


It is quite soft, broad, and will get astounding quantities of rubbish and dirt out of your carpets.


The carpet sweeper is a cheap, quiet, and easy way to keep your rugs and carpets clean without vacuuming.


  1. Broom and Beat


Sweep your rug thoroughly, take it outside and hang it before proceeding to beat it until all the dust comes out. This is how rugs have been cleaned for centuries.


However, be careful when using this method in case someone in your household suffers from allergies or is sensitive to dust since, as this may set them off.


The broom and beat is an environmentally friendly way to keep your rugs clean.


  1. Brush


You can use special rug brushes developed in such a way that their fibres penetrate the weave of your carpet bringing up as much dirt, dust, and debris as possible.


It does require some elbow grease, but it is an incredibly effective method that doesn’t require the use of electricity and does not make much noise.


  1. Lint Roller


The lint roller referred to here is the same one that’s used for cleaning pet hair off clothing. You can use a lint roller on your rugs too.


First, pick out larger pieces of debris by hand from the rug. Or, you can use a broom to speed up the process considerably.


From there, you can use the lint roller over the rest of the rug which will pull up the remaining bits of dirt, hairs, and lint.


  1. Shake It Out


If you have an area rug, you can clean them the old-fashioned way.


Take it outside, hang it over a fence, and use a tennis racket to beat them and force the dust out.


If the weather allows you can even soak it using a garden hose and let it dry in the sunshine.


It might not be the best option for large rugs, but it is an excellent choice for entry mats and area rugs.


  1. Roll of Tape


A roll of (masking or scotch) tape can be an invaluable tool for keeping your carpets clean. Why?


The things that you are unable to pick up while cleaning your rugs or carpets can be stripped off by the packing tape.


It is not expensive and everything can be done in a snap – human hair, dog hair, cat hair, dust, dirt, and everything else.


If the tape loses its sticking ability, you will know that it has finished serving its purpose.


  1. Sponge and Bucket


If you have the energy and time to spare, you can use a dish sponge coupled with a bucket of soapy water to clean your rugs.


Wring out the sponge and use its scrubbing side to wipe your rug gently. It will pick up any animal fur, hair, dirt, and will even get rid of stains.


It can be quite a time-consuming process, but it leaves your rugs looking great.



Final Thoughts


Whether you simply don’t like using vacuum cleaners or don’t like the noise they make, there are other ways to keep your carpets clean.


If you don’t plan to vacuum regularly, you should consider investing in more frequent steam cleaning to reach deep into the carpet fibres and get rid of all the dirt.


Try the alternative carpet cleaning methods discussed here and see the difference they make!


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