The Benefits of an Ergonomically Designed Work Stations

Advancements in science is helping us to improve every aspects of our lives. Much of our time is spent at work and for office workers that means resting in a seated position for long periods. Scientists know now that without sufficient support in a seated position, you will suffer aches and pains in your back, neck and limbs.

WorkstationsThe layout of your office work stations should therefore be organised so that you have sufficient support for your limbs and are not putting a strain on important joints. Providing your staff with work station furniture also shows them that you care about their well being which makes them more committed to the company and improves their productivity.

Work stations designed for employees
Office work stations are a symbol of status and prestige. Ideally they should be designed to make your employees feel a sense of pride and are happy and comfortable in their surroundings. Imagine turning up for work to have to sit at a small desk in an uncomfortable chair. The image is not exactly inspiring or motivating is it?

Well organised work stations that are fitted with the relevant ergonomic office equipment your employees require to ensure they are in a healthy seating position is therefore vitally important. Health and Safety says office chairs must provide sufficient support for the lower back and be adjustable so that knees and elbows are at right angles. The eyes should be adjacent with the computer screen.
Work station equipment
Office chairs and desks only come in one size, but are adjustable for the person using the work station. If your employees are short they will require foot stools to rest their feet on so that their knees are at a 90 degree angle. It is also possible to buy tilting screens that can be adjusted to meet the person´s eye line, again at a 90 degree angle.

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