This Season’s Coveted Kitchenware at Arnotts

Whether your favourite pastime is trying out the latest recipe from Food & Wine or simply whipping up jam on toast for your toddler, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Hospitality and your ability to take care of those you love begins in the kitchen, from day-to-day dinners or a batch of biscuits when someone special needs an extra boost. No matter what your skill level, the right tools ensure every meal is a pleasure to make and serve. Check out this season’s coveted kitchenware at Arnotts.


  1. Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset is the pinnacle of quality when it comes to cookware and bakeware in the kitchen. Enamelled and cast-iron, it’s as sturdy and long-lasting as it comes. The French company produces casserole and baking dishes in a range of sophisticated colours that make a welcome addition to any kitchen. What’s more? The lifetime guarantee means a Le Creuset purchase is a keen investment.


  1. Wedgewood Crockery

We all recognise the Wedgewood name, but you might not have seen the latest patterns from the iconic crockery company. They’ve retained their impeccable quality but added some modern and colourful options to their range. Available in either tea cups with saucers, or mugs, for whichever hot beverage suits your fancy.


  1. Waterford Crystal Glasses


There’s hardly any brand more iconic for serving than Waterford; every Irish kitchen should have Waterford crystal on hand for special (or even ordinary!) occasions. A pair of delicate Lismore Essence flutes makes celebrating a monumental moment all the more lovely, while this set of four mixed hi-ball glasses are decidedly modern for a more contemporary kitchen.


  1. DeLonghi Coffee


Coffee is an essential part of most kitchens, and a poorly made coffee can get your day off to a less than enthusiastic start. A DeLonghi coffee machine will ensure that whether you’re a budding barista or not, you can start the day — and carry on through it — fully caffeinated. The Magnifica 15 Bar Bean To Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker helps you get as close to take-away coffee as possible, with an in-machine grinder, a cup warmer, and professional 15-bar pump pressure.


  1. Kenwood Toaster/Kettle Sets


The kettle is most likely the hardest working appliance in an Irish kitchen, with the toaster falling a close second. When you need a cuppa and slice of toast with butter and jam, those two appliances need to perform impeccably. The Kenwood Kmix Turin 2 Slice Toaster and Kettle Set will do just that, and with sleek and streamlined design as well. And in a bonus addition to toaster technology, it includes an eco option to only heat one side at a time, which can save 50% of the energy, in turn saving you money.


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