Tips to Get the Most out of the Space in Your Wardrobe

I never have enough space in my wardrobe! It is a common complaint, but it does not have to be this way… here are some ideas to get the most out of the space you have no matter how big your wardrobe is.


While most of us would die to have our very own bespoke wardrobes in our home, it might not be possible at the moment. But there are intelligent ways to get the most space out of your wardrobe, although it might not be very large, these tips will allow you to have significantly better use of the space it has. The trick is how to organise clothes and other objects and accessories you have in it.



No doubt about it, you must plan your wardrobe. Think about how you want clothing to be organised and know some basic ideas to take advantage of the space. Prioritise, put at hand what you use the most and use elegant and comfortable boxes to store clothes or accessories that you are not going to use frequently.



Another of the tips to get the most out of the space in your wardrobe is to keep in mind that you must recycle. Why keep all the clothes you have, although you do not use them all. You might say, “just in case I need it one day”, but we all know that never usually happens. We just tend to hoard! Give what you do not usually wear to friends or takes clothes to charities or organisations which take donations of clothes for people in need.



Store clothes in groups: shoes with shoes, t-shirts with shirts, jeans stacked, etc. Ordering a wardrobe is like playing Tetris, everything must fit to take advantage of every inch.


What occupies most space?

Why do you keep bedding, blankets, quilts, etc. inside your wardrobe? These items occupy an awful lot of space. You can use boxes, take them to a storage room, put them under the bed or opt for large decorative boxes in some corner of the room that will serve as improvised trunks – and much cheaper.


Gathering boxes

Of course, you must use boxes to organise everything inside the wardrobe. Get more out of the space of your wardrobe by gathering clothes into boxes that are easy to open. This is an easy and practical solution.


Take advantage of other furniture

If you are someone who even has shoes inside your wardrobe, take advantage of other corners in your room to gain square centimetres in your wardrobe. Use a hanging shoe rack, under-bed storage, or other similar nooks and crannies for items not often worn or used.


More hangers?

Not every garment has to go on a hanger. The best solution is to take advantage of each hanger and put together on each of them up to two or three shirts and pants. Yes, surely not everything is ironed; and doubling up items on hangers will allow you to take advantage of the space in your wardrobe.


Use the doors

For ties, handkerchiefs, and belts it is very useful to place hangers or hooks on the insides of the doors; they help keep everything in its place and are also very convenient for daily use.


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