Top Tips for Updating your Conservatory

Conservatories are a lovely feature of a home, and it’s easy to see why they’re increasing in popularity. However, many people do still regard them as quite an old fashioned feature, when this is just not the case anymore.

If your conservatory is looking a little dated and you’d like to give it a revamp, we’ve got a list of some of the best ideas to help you do so. Or, if you’re thinking of investing in a conservatory, we think we’ve got some tips for inspirational Conservatories when it comes to the interior design of your new room.

Go for a different theme

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We’ve all seen the wicker furniture, faded carpet and beige walls combo conservatories, yet this is so dated that it’s time we said goodbye to it for good.

Choose a different theme altogether when it comes to decorating your conservatory. Aim to keep some of the overall flow of the rest of your home’s decor when it comes to the conservatory’s design, but with a few extra details to distinguish it and make it special.

Great themes we love that tend to be everywhere right now include monochrome with winks of colour bursts, French class designs with a heavy use of greys and dark woods and your timeless shabby chic vintage look.

Make a statement with bold furniture

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Ditch the faded wicker for good and go for something truly unique and special. No one said conservatory furniture had to be boring, and recent trends are proving that daily. Go for statement chairs, colour pop tables and even hammocks to add a truly interesting and dynamic appeal to even the most traditional styles of conservatories.

Give the windows a new lease of life



Conservatories with a heavy use of glass for the windows and even walls are fantastic, especially in the summer when it comes to enjoying your garden from the comfort of indoors. However, to keep uncomfortable strong sun rays at bay, you will no doubt rely on good conservatory blinds or curtains.

Replacing this element with new ones can give a new burst of life to the whole room as it is such a main feature. Why not replace your plain, faded curtains with bold blinds to add some interest and make the whole room feel more cosy and sophisticated?

Update the floors

Again, the flooring is a main interior design aspect of any room’s interior and the conservatory is no different. Why not go for something completely different to what you’ve had before? Replace old carpet with fresh, new wooden flooring for a timeless look that will suit any decor scheme.

If real, solid wood flooring is a little over your budget, laminate floors are a great alternative to real wood as they can be a fraction of the price, and if you choose a reputable company, they can often look just as good! They’re also a lot easier to maintain than carpets and will be good for keeping things cool in the summer.


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