Types of Flooring that Would be Perfect for Your Home

Since there are a lot of flooring options available, there is nothing wrong in shopping around before making a final decision. Check every option out there and see if they are perfect for the concept that you have in mind for your home. Here are some of the flooring options to choose from.


Porcelain or ceramic tile

These tiles are among the most popular options when it comes to bathroom flooring. They look good, are waterproof and are also cost-effective. They can have a rich texture and a more solid feel. They are quite affordable too. With 0.5% or less water absorption, this would be perfect for your home. The only downside is that tiles are slippery. Texturing may solve that problem but this means additional expense. Smaller tiles are another option as they use more grout that serves as a non-skid surface. However, smaller tiles don’t look as good as the big ones with fantastic designs.


Natural stone

It is a perfect choice regardless of the type of stone that you use – marble, limestone or granite. They add a certain level of class and sophistication to a home. The big problem though is that they tend to be really slippery. When used for high traffic areas, they might pose a danger. Sandblasting can help avert the problem or go for naturally textured options like slate. The bigger issue though is the price. Stone flooring is way more expensive than other options. By far, it is the most expensive option especially if it covers a huge area.


Vinyl floors

Of all the options, it is the most reasonable in terms of aesthetics and most practical in terms of functionality. There is no doubt that vinyl is now a popular choice for various areas in homes. To begin with, installing it is so easy that you can do it yourself.


It is also waterproof. You can remove any liquid spills easily without affecting the quality of the floor over time. It is also not as slippery as other options. The best part is that there are tons of design options to choose from. Whatever it is that you can think of as a design for your home, you can most likely find a vinyl floor that suits it. You can choose luxury vinyl if you want something that looks really classy.


In the end, it is your choice as to what type of floor to use at home. The key is to find one that you will love to see on a daily basis. You should also find one that is designed to last a long time. Vinyl floors are a good option.


Image: Pixabay.com




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