Which Design Is Ideal For Swimming Poolsin Melbourne?

We dive into swimming pools in Melbourne to blow off steam on a hot summer day. This is the zone of the house where we can have picnics at day or night, so don’t you think you should have a swimming pool in Melbourne that complements your house?
In this article, we will introduce you to different types of swimming pools that will not only make your house look beautiful, but will also cater to the needs of your family members of all age groups.

Which Design Is Ideal For Swimming Poolsin MelbourneSwimming pools in Melbourne are divided into two major categories: above ground and in-ground.

Above Ground Pools
Pools that are constructed above ground are the most cost effective. Their installation is easy, plus they are movable. So these pools come with a lot of benefits. You can install them whenever you feel like swimming and remove them right afterwards. You can purchase a prefabricated installation kit from the market and install this pool yourself.

In Ground Pools
These types of pools are permanent and their construction cost can be really high, although it varies from material to material.In ground swimming pools can be constructed using different materials. Here are your options:

This is the cheapest option among the in ground types. It can be bought from the manufacturer in the form and can be installed right after the excavation.

These pools are made up of moulded fibreglass, a type of plastic. Their installation cost can be expensive but they can last for years.

Concrete pools are very capacious and can be custom designed to suit your needs, but they are difficult to construct.

This material is a combination of sand and concrete. Gunite swimming pools are very popular because this material is a very durable material but can be a bit expensive.

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